I began writing as a child and am thrilled to have such a cool career as an adult. I fell in love with the fantasy genre in middle school while reading Robin McKinley and Tamora Pierce. I write young adult because it’s such an exciting time in life: creating an identity, disappointments and hopes, falling in love… Everything is possible, yet the future is not quite now. As for middle grade, I enjoy its strong friendships, grand adventures, and quirky characters.

What else? I was born and grew up in Kansas, which gave me a passion for steak and perhaps an unhealthy love of severe weather (I still want to be a part-time tornado chaser). I also spent a year in Japan, which made me a karaoke addict. Now I live in the snowy reaches of Michigan with my husband, cat, and daughter. Hobbies I’ve put on hold in favor of patty-cake with my daughter are: video games (fave is FFX), piano, illumination, Japanese, and reading.